POS Agent Manager Online Dealer Management + Marketplace Online

User manual System

Covered by online merchants.

UX-UI design that fits comfortably. Run on Cloud Hosting. New technology in this era and support both on mobile PC. As well as the tablet.

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Fast data transfer

ast and easy data transmission. Reduce time to easy administration.


Web Application Security

Encryption of each User avoids overlapping and increases security.


Run on Cloud Hosting

Run on Cloud Hosting New technologies in this era of database are Auto Backups.

Dealer Management System Franchise Business

It is a dealer management system. And franchise business Online sales are integrated system sales system, shipping system, warehouse system, branch system, dealers. Find a Dealer, Accounting System, Summary Report, and Application (Real-Time) to cover merchants online. New choices of new people. It is also suitable for business management.

Uncontrollable management will go away.

The answers to those questions are gone. Just open your mind to learn something new and keep up the pace. Today we have a chance to get to know | POS Agent Manager

2 languages ​​supported

Marketplace Sales Page API

Comes with the Front-End Marketplace, where all the in-stock products are automatically sold online.

API connections include:

  • Online Marketplace Open Platform
  • Shopee (coming soon)
  • Lazada (coming soon)
  • JD Central (coming soon)

Marketplace Demo API Doc

Comes with LINE Notify

It's free to support unlimited number of people, whether it's a private line, a line @ line, in order to work. Comfortable and faster.

LINE Notify Notifications include:

  • Notify when a customer orders from
    (Marketplace )
  • Order Confirmation
  • Alert Money Transfer
  • Shipping Notice
  • Notify me of updates to

POS Agent Manager | Online Dealer Management System Comes With Application

POS Agent Manager | Online Agent Management System To serve as an intermediary. Dealers and franchise owners. We have managed through and covered through our application.

Application Android & IOS

We take into account the interests of customers in the care and service.

Program Capabilities

EMS | COD API | Real-Time Payment | EMS | COD Delivery | Real-Time status check with summary report delivery.


  • Item Shop
  • Selling Items (Shop)
  • Turn on customer sales online.
  • Payment notification by SMS
  • Receipt
  • Promotion Items
  • Payment split


  • Sticker Box
  • Transportation Services (shops)
  • Transportation Service (Customer)
  • Send SMS by SMS
  • Real-Time Transport System

Purchasing / Partners

  • Orders
  • Order list (With notification system)
  • Invoice (SMS Money Transfer)
  • Partner / Partner
  • The system has accumulated points


  • product
  • Categories
  • warehouse
  • Many products
  • Product variety of features
  • Serial Number Serial Number
  • Products include Serial Number
  • Barcode Stickers
  • Product Inspection
  • Submit a claim

Branch / dealer / customer

  • Branch / Dealer
  • Customer
  • Group of customers
  • Dealer Review
  • Dealer search system
  • Agent registration system
  • Have a dealer card system

Financial Accounting

  • wallet
  • Money Transfer (Shop)
  • Transfers (Customers)
  • COD shipping
  • Payment history

Report Report

  • Sales summary
  • Sales summary (product list)
  • Sales summary (export goods)
  • Employee sales (Product group)
  • Invoice Summary (Export product)
  • Customer Rankings
  • Summary of accounts receivable
  • Top Sellers
  • Inventory
  • Product movement
  • Freight Forwarding

Set up shop

  • Manage users
  • Set up shop
  • Set up a bank account
  • Set document
  • Set up shipper
  • Refill SMS Package
  • Refund the package
  • Add Marketplace Channel
  • En / Th language support
  • LINE Notify
  • Promotion Order Payment Confirmation Payment
  • PromptPay supports barcode scanning for all banks


  • Account history
  • Sales History
  • Order - Sales (Agent)
  • Sales History (Customers)
  • Store ratings
  • Claims History
  • Shipping History
  • System Access History